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Monticello Homeowners'

1480 Chadford Gate SE
North Canton, OH 44709
(330) 244-1722

Office Hours
Monday 9-1 pm
Wednesday 1-5 pm
Friday 9-1 pm
or Call for an Appt.


~ Barn Office Hours ~
The Barn Office Hours :
Monday 9am-1pm
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Closed
Friday 9am-1pm

~ Upcoming Events ~
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~ Monticello Events ~
A great time was had by all that attended the recent Summer Kick-Off on Friday, June 14th.  It was a beautiful day as Monticello residents gathered to welcome the summer. 
Kids had their face painted and balloon twisters made art work in their many designs.  
 Adults enjoyed margaritas while socializing with their neighbors.  Kids of ALL ages liked the ice cream treats!
AND The Pool was open until 9pm!!
Check out the photo gallery for all the pictures!
Mark your calendar, the Pool Party is Wednesday, July 10th from 3pm-6pm.  Details for additional summer events being planned will be sent soon.

~ Homeowner Reminders ~
*Remember to trim the hanging branches of the maple trees along your sidewalks.  The suggested height is 7 feet to allow easy passage along the walk ways. A number of homeowners have not properly maintained these trees to this specification.  Trees that continue to encumber sidewalk use or are not properly maintained by the homeowner will be professionally trimmed and billed to the homeowner.    
 *As a courtesy to those walking, please don’t park your vehicle across the sidewalks.  
 *No homeowner is to be in the pool area prior to opening time of 11am, unless your child is receiving swim lessons.
 *As a courtesy to your neighbors, please be sure to monitor your pets as well as monitor dog barking that can be disruptive to your neighbors.  Also, please remember to clean up after your dog when walking through the neighborhood.
 * When vendors provide services to homeowners and ask to place an advertisement sign in your yard, our policy states the sign can be displayed for a period of two weeks.  At the conclusion of that time period the sign must be removed. 
 *Please remember to slow down while driving through the neighborhood and make a complete stop at all the signs. This is also the time of year we want to watch out for any suspicious activity throughout the neighborhood. Please call the police immediately if you see anything suspicious and also report any incidents to The Barn so we can notify other homeowners. 
 *Please notify the barn office if leaving your car in the parking lot.  Also, the City has rules regarding overnight street parking.  We understand several homeowners have been warned or ticketed.  Please make sure you and your guest’s cars are in driveways if parking overnight.   
* Realtors are to post their signs at the entrances on the Thursday before a Sunday open house. Signs that are placed at the entrances before Thursday will be removed.  Realtor signs can be posted on street corners during this time frame as well.  Realtor signs that are posted on street corners before Thursday will also be removed.  If you are currently trying to sell your home or may plan to do so in the future, please let your realtor know of these policy changes.  Signs that are not in compliance and are removed will be placed in the barn office for a period of 2 weeks.  Those left unclaimed will be disposed of.  You can also post your listing on the Monticello website at
* Per our Restrictions, all trash, garbage and/or other waste must be kept in a covered and sanitary container such as a trash can, garbage can and/or waste/refuse container. Each container must be kept inside the garage of a residence; provided, however, that the container may be deposited at the public street for collection in advance thereof.  We have received a number of communications that there are regular violations to this rule.  Be advised that the HOA will begin charging fines for violations.
 * Yard maintenance reminder* 
The Monticello Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Reservation, Restrictions and Easements state:
Article IV Specific Conditions and Restrictions Page 13-#3. Yard Maintenance: The Owner(s) of each Lot shall at all times maintain the yard in a well-kept and sightly manner which such maintenance will include the following:
(a) Owner(s)' application of a weed killer of a type appropriate to control, inhibit and prohibit the growth of weeds on all yard areas of the Lot as frequently as is necessary to control, inhibit and prohibit such growth.
 * Reminder to lot owners* 
The Monticello Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Reservation, Restrictions and Easements state:
Article IV Specific Conditions and Restrictions Page 13-#3 Yard Maintenance:
(d) Prior to any construction of any Owner's actual commencement of the Owner's Residence upon the Owner's Lot, the Owner shall mow such Lot not less than once every thirty (30) calendar days during those seasons when growth occurs.

~ Welcome New Neighbors ~
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~ Community Gatherings ~
It was a beautiful day for the pool party this year!!  Many homeowners and their families gathered around the pool and have a hot dog and lemonade.
The children had great fun with the potato sack race and, the bowling water slides and the water balloon toss along with many other activities. 
Ice Cream treats were served later.  Thanks to Ashley and Brian Coyne for planning and organizing this fun filled day again this year.  Please visit the photo gallery of the Monticello website to view additional pictures.

~ News Letter Information ~
You are invited to the following event:
A midsummer night at 'Blossom Music Center'
Although many events are low or no cost, the fee for this event is $41 per person which includes reserved pavilion seating and motor coach transportation.  Due to Eventbrite policies we are not able to post the cost for this event.  
Please click on the link below for details

~ Monticello Pool ~
The Pool is open daily from 11am-8pm.  Please remember to bring your pool tags with you to the pool.  You can obtain pool tags from the barn office if you do not currently have them.
As a reminder the pool will now have 2 lifeguards on the weekends and holidays during the afternoon hours. The reason for this is to ensure ratio compliance as the pool tends to be busier and also for adult swim during the afternoon pool breaks. On week days when there is only one lifeguard the schedule posted at the pool will be followed.  We have confirmed this with Hasting’s management.  
Click here for the pool break schedule and adult swim times.
To review the pool rules, please click here

~ Monticello News ~
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~ Courtesy Barn Rentals ~
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