Solar Panels

March 25, 2022
Dear Homeowner,
The Review Committee as directed by our Declarations and Supplements thereto, has adopted a Guideline for solar panels. Effective on the date of this notice, the Guidelines shall be; A solar panel or panels that have a total combined surface area of four (4) square feet or greater will not be permitted on any lot. Placement of such panels within the compliance Guidelines, being less than a total of four (4) square feet, must avoid visibility from the front of the house, or any other location that would be inconsistent with general plans of the development within the subdivision. A Small Project Application must be submitted to the Review Committee regarding all exterior property modifications and/or additions. Written approval must be obtained from the committee prior to commencement of any work or activity related to the submitted project. On behalf of the Review Committee, we appreciate your understanding and cooperation, as they continue to pursue preservation of desirability for the Monticello Community.
Monticello Board of Trustees